Lynn's Tips - Level 1-8

Lynn's Tips - Level 1-8: Use all of your potions. The rainbow bubble is the best here. You have to work one level at a time. Drop the side skulls first. Be careful not to arm the bomb. If you do: cover it as quickly as possible. This might be hard to do unless you can drop that middle set of skulls. Banking shots is your best bet. I know it is hard to do if you are not good at it but honestly, this is the only way to get those middle set of skulls down. I hit the skulls two times. Finally was able to do it by getting one shot at a time. Which means I used a heck of a lot of bubbles but and lost a lot of my spiders. However, I was still able to get 1 star. Once you drop those middle skulls you are home free. Just go for the ceiling.

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