Magic Potions and Star Bonus Chart.

The magic potions are:

1. Golden spiders..  
    Unlocks when you have 20 stars.
    This gives you 3 golden spiders at the start 
    of the game and at the end of the game 
    changes 3 blue  spiders to gold.
    Cost for 3 games:  1000 coins.

2. Extra bubbles..   
    Unlocks when you have 50 stars.
    This potion gives you 7 extra bubbles at the 
    start of the game
    Cost for 3 games:  2000 coins.

3. Ceiling holes.    
    Unlocks when you have 70 stars.
    This potion gives you 3 holes in the ceiling 
    when you  start the level.
    This means you only need 6 more holes to 
    complete it.
     Cost for 3 games:  1500 coins.

4.  Rainbow bubble..   
     Unlocks when you have 130  stars.
     This potion gives you a bubble that will 
     burst any colour bubble it hits. 
     It will also burst crystal  bubbles.  
     You can only use it twice so it must be 
      used  with care.
                          Cost for 3 games:  2000 coins.

Star bonus chart.   Here are all the star bonuses.

20   stars.         3 golden spiders.
50   stars.         7 extra bubbles.
70   stars.         3 ceiling holes.
90   stars.         Additional life. Total 6 maximum.
110 stars.         Additional life. Total 7 maximum.
130 stars.         Rainbow ball.
200 stars.         Coin bonus of 50,000 coins.
250 stars.         Additional life. Total 8 maximum.
300 stars.         Coin bonus of 50,000 coins.
400 stars.         Coin bonus of 75,000 coins.