How to Collect Coins From Your Wall

This link is created and you can make one for every game on Facebook.  If you would like the instructions on how to find a link for a different game, please just in our Group.

If you click on THIS LINK, it will filter your home page to show Bubble Witch Saga posts only.

You can collect each post individually, or you can use the

Please remember to you return gifts. If you use the auto
collector select a longer time frame on Auto so you have time to click SEND to all your friends gifts
After all, this is a social game and we all rely on each other for coins, lives, etc.

Depending on your internet speed, you can set it up to give
you time to return gifts. Ten seconds is the minimum
needed but you may have to slow it down a bit. The
instructions are very easy to follow. The program will give
you a suggested time to suit your internet connection.

Having Problems with Auto Collector?

You have to make sure you have allowed Bubble Witch on your home page.  Many remove it without knowing they have. 
To check your settings go to your home page
Look down the bottom on the RIGHT you will see EDIT OPTIONS

Click on EDIT OPTIONS and you can then see if you have Bubble Witch Blocked.