Create Coins for You and Your Friends

There are 2 easy ways to generate coins: alone and with your friends.

1. You can send HEARTS to all your friends and as they accept them, they click to "Accept &Send" and return 100 coins to you. As of right now, you can send hearts to each other as often as you like. I would pick a few good friends and bounce them back and forth for a while so you can gather up some good coinage. All you need to do is keep logging in and out again.

Making EVEN MORE coins without having to click all over the Map!

You know how it's a pain in the BUTT to click on all the hearts?

Well I just killed myself so I was down a life, then REQUESTED lives from friends. You can only do 50 at a time but you can do it as often as you wish. 

When your friends send you a LIFE you will get coins. You then get the option to SEND BACK to them.

Saves a heap of time. 

2. By replaying easy levels, you can get in game bonuses.
  • 1 star is worth 50 coins;
  • 2 stars is worth 100 coins; 
  • and 3 stars is worth 250 coins. 
When you post a bonus, you and your friends can both claim it, BUT, you can only claim a bonus from a friend ONCE so make it a big one!!

Personally, I like Level 87 as I find it the easiest. Others have reported that 7 and 17 are also easy but I'll let you decide.