Bubble Types

As the game progresses, you will be introduced to different types of Bubbles. These Bubbles are designed to add more challenges.

Here is a list of the types of Bubble that you will encounter in the game. (If this list is not comprehensive, please advise and it will be updated to include any new ones.)

Black Bubbles are introduced at level 16. They cannot be penitrated. To remove them you MUST shoot above them and make them fall.

Poison / Spider Bubbles are introduced at level 26 When you hit these they fall, and if you have spiders under them they will destroy them. However, they don't shoot straight down so most times it is worth taking a chance.

Doom Skull Bubbles are introduced at level 36. If you hit these - GAME OVER.

Infected Bubbles are introduced at level 46. Think carefully about each shot because every time you shoot, another bubble becomes infected. The best way to rid yourself of these is to shoot above them and make them drop. On many levels that is not possible, however, and you must shoot below them to stop them from progressing.

Bomb Bubbles are introduced at level 76. Once you shoot away the surrounding bubbles on a BOMB, the bomb is then activated. The Bomb counts down from 10 every time you shoot a new Bubble after this. There are two ways to get around them:
  • You can keep the bomb completely surrounded by bubbles; or
  • You can drop the bomb cluster from above.
Crystal Bubbles are introduced at level 86. They have an ice crystal coating. In order to drop these bubbles you first have to break the ICE; then they turn into a normal bubble. Be careful on the levels where there are BOTH the Crystal and the Infected Bubbles. The Infected Bubbles can't progress beyond Crystal Bubbles, so once you BREAK the ICE your bubbles can then be infected.
RAINBOW bubbles can break crystal bubbles.

Morph Bubbles are introduced at level 106. They change colours. This will tell you the possible colour combinations:
  • Red can change to purple or green
  • Purple can change to red or blue
  • Green can change to yellow or red
  • Yellow can change to blue or green
  • Blue can change to purple or yellow
As there are only two colors that each bubble can change to, if you have no red bubbles then the green has to change to yellow. If you have no green bubbles the red has to change to purple. If you have no purple bubbles the blue has to change to yellow, etc.

But as it is quite complicated, it's much easier to just watch the bubbles to see how they change and to what colour.
The good thing about Morph Bubbles is they cannot be infected with the virus.

Locked Bubbles on ghost chains are introduced at level 116. To unlock these you need two of the same color. Rainbow Bubbles can help but only if you already have ONE of the colors in place.

Mystery Bubbles are introduced at level 146. These bubbles can be GOOD or BAD. Shoot them at your own risk! They contain rewards (extra bubbles for the cauldron or points or rainbow balls) or punishment (bombs, black bubbles or infected bubbles).You should only shoot them if you can drop them or surround them fairly soon after in case it's a bomb.

Remember, Providing you have 10 spiders and some of them are blue,
every time you hit a mystery bubble one of your blue spiders will turn green.