Lynn's Tips - Level 1-7

Lynn's Tips - Level 1-7: Use all of your potions. You have to go end to end on this one. Dropping the middle as you go. Rainbow ball and also the extra 7 potion is quite important. Then I shot to the right. Dropping those then going to the left above the black balls. Hit as close as you can to the right so you can drop that whole side. When going to the left side please remember to bank your shots. I know this is hard if you don't have the charm of precision but it can be done. Shoot high. There is nothing up there to be scared of. Once you drop that left side you are home free. Keep going for the ceiling.

It is useful to take a screenshot of this level before you play it.
As soon as the game starts after you hit play you really quickly hit the "screen print" button, then paste it into Paint. If your fast enough you can see the very top line and then just leave it open to keep going back to while your playing it to see where you need to shoot.

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