Jade's General Tips - Level 169

Jade's General Tips - Levels 166-170
  • Each level is comprised of 3 rounds. You must clear 9 stars in the ceiling of each round to progress to the next one. The score will continue accumulating, so if you do not have enough points for a star at the end of the first round don’t panic, the score you get on the following 2 rounds will be added to it. 

  • Your cauldron is refilled with bubbles at the beginning of each of the 3 rounds in the level. If you use all your bubbles on the first round it’s ok- the cauldron will be full again at the beginning of the next level. 

  • Your spiders continue on from the previous round. This means that if you complete round 1 with 10 gold spiders then you will begin round 2 of the level with 10 gold spiders. If you finish round 1 with 5 blue spiders then that’s all you will start the next round with. 

  • If you purchase rainbow bubbles or you have already purchased charms such as the charm of antidote, webbing, salvation, shattering, scrolling, etc (those which limit how many times you can use them) try to avoid using them as long as possible. If you use them all in the first round of the level you will have none to use in the following 2 rounds. The limited use potions/charms are to last the whole 3 rounds of the level and are not replenished at the beginning of each round. 

  • Shadow bubbles are similar to the poisonous bubbles- they spread. If you get a combination including a shadow bubble then it will pop bubbles out of your cauldron, reducing the number of bubbles you have to complete the level. 

  • Hit as many shadow bubbles as you can to drop them, as quick as you can to stop it causing others to become shadows and to lose the least amount from your cauldron. On some levels if you are quick enough and remove the starting shadow bubble you can stop it from spreading. If you delay getting a combination that contains a shadow bubble in it then when you do hit it, it is likely that more would have become shadows as well. This will mean you will lose additional bubbles from your cauldron. 

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