Automated Clicking

Tired of all the continual clicking on each and every link to claim coins?

Wish there was an easier way?

Well now there is!

This amazing Chrome Extension allows you to do just that.  
Simply INSTALL and then go to your settings 
 and Change the OPEN and CLOSE time to 20 seconds.

Then when you want to claim all the coins simply draw the orange box around all the links by RIGHT CLICKING

(wrong side of your mouse)  

and it automatically TABS out all the links and then closes them in 20 seconds time.

Look at this image closely for the settings that I have applied.

NOTE: You can change the settings to be what ever you would like them to be.  I chose 20 seconds so I had time to re-gift during the process.

Ready to give it a try? CLICK HERE.

Let Morris show you how easy it is to use LINKCLUMP!