Precision SHOTS - for FREE!

Finding it hard reaching those tricky shots when playing Bubble Witch Saga?

Not Any More!

Playing Bubble Witch Saga has never been easier, but it doesn't end there, this tool may be used for 

This amazing little FREE tool allows you to line up your shots at any angle.

So simple to use, all you do is hold down your SHIFT KEY to place the Starting Point and if you need your mouse to move more slowly, simply hold down the CNTRL KEY.

Are you ready to give it a try?
Just click this image and ZeScreenRuler will install on your computer.  

All you need to do is select RUN and away you go.

Here is a look at how you can set up your settings. 

The default key to TURN OFF and ON 
is your NUM LOCK Key 
but this can be changed in the settings.

Lets go through those settings again:

Places your starting point.

Slows down your mouse.

Turns the Ruler OFF and ON.

Some describe this tool as a Cheat, I describe it as a "TOOL".
  You know why?  
  Because that is all it is.  

It won't play your game for you; it just makes it easier 
 With this tool at your fingertips there is no need to Purchase expensive Charms or other Power Ups on any Games that require precision shooting.

Because this tool is on your computer, you can even use it with games that you don't play on line.  
The possibilities are endless!  

You are FREE to use this Tool at no cost, if you wish to donate to the developer, you can by clicking on the
PayPal Donate button below. 
While you are there, why not leave some FEEDBACK for the Developer of this Cool Tool.

Many People had questions yesterday so I wrote to the developer and this is his response

Hi Vicki,

ZeScreenRuler was in the middle of some changes, which took longer than I expected... but to keep my promise I stiched some of the holes, crossed my fingers, compiled an alpha release and put it on my web page:

Let me know if this is an improvement (and which new bugs you find ;-).

Answering the questions is hard without more information. When using it for bubble ball games, speaking generally, you need to adjust the start point carefully and figure out where exactly the balls bounce. Take some time on an easy level to figure it out playfully.

Note that I added a button "Restore Defaults & Restart", which may help if someone managed to change "Num-Lock" to something else without realizing, or change any other settings.

In case the program is running, but not working properly and the hot key is not working, it should also be possible to re-open the options dialog by starting the program again. If all else fails, try a reboot. When you log on again, and if ZeScreenRuler is in auto-start mode, it opens up the dialog again, minimized to the task bar. Then you can fix it or deactivate it. (If it's not in auto-start mode, then it is deactivated; of course you can start it again by double-clicking.)