Jade's Tips - Level 137

Jade's Tips - Level 137
Potions used: All
Charms recommended: webbing, skull, bomb

Start by clearing as much as you can up to the bombs without activating them. Take note of what colours the morph bubbles change to as well. If you have the charm to deactivate the bombs then it won’t matter if you activate them because you can simply use your charm to stop them ticking down again. If you don’t have the charm you will need to be more careful and plan your shots carefully. Focus on one bomb at a time to drop it.
Once you have dropped/stopped the bombs, work on the locks. Only unlock one of the locks and line up the other lock so that only one more bubble is needed to unlock it. 

(It works best for your score if you can drop your skulls and middle bubbles onto some green spiders first. If you can’t drop them before unlocking the final lock, or you don’t have any green spiders yet so you want to hold off with the drop, then try to have them set up ready to drop. 

If you have the skull charm, don’t use it here if you really don’t need to. Instead, use it to “deliberately miss” to make some green spiders. You will need to do it before you drop the skulls otherwise it won’t allow you to use the charm once they are gone.

If you get to the top and you have a gap in the ceiling wide enough to shoot at it without hitting any bubbles, use your rainbow bubbles (if you haven’t used them) to deliberately miss and create green spiders before you do the final drop.

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