Dianna's Tips - Level 13-8

Dianna's Tips - Level 13-8.

3 Stars
Charm of Magic (four potions); Charm of Precision; Charm of Foresight
Useful: Charm of Salvation

The pattern of bubbles around the bombs is always the same.

Clear bubbles to the right of the row of skulls; bank shots off the right sidewall to clear the bubbles to the left above the row of skulls and to drop the bomb that is against the wall.

(Alternatively, use the Charm of Salvation to knock down this row of skulls and go straight up to take out the bomb.)

Bank shots off left sidewall to drop bomb that is on the right sidewall and above the second row of skulls. 

(This is easy to do so don't waste the second and last shot from the Charm of Salvation on this row of skulls.)

Go up and to the left, if necessary to clear up to 8 holes in the ceiling. 

(Alternatively, use the second and last shot from the Charm of Salvation to knock down this last row of skulls to go straight up to the ceiling.)

If there are enough bubbles left, make at least one green spider before clearing the 9th hole and dropping all the bubbles.

Note: Shooting the mystery bubbles is taking a chance. There is no way to plug them if they turn out to be a bomb, but then again, it could be lots of other things too.

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