Dianna's Tips - Level 12-6

Dianna's Tips - Level 12-6.

Four Potions
Precision Charm
Webbing Charm

Clear the bubbles under the chain. Unlock two locks but do not unlock the third until the area is mostly cleared because there is an infection that will begin spreading as soon as the chain is unlocked.

Once the chain is unlocked, you can see that there are spaces between the infected bubbles. You must go between these spaces as your bubbles allow. I used both rainbow balls to clear two of them immediately so the infection would not spread. Begin clearing one side using bank shots. There are mystery bubbles in the middle and once they are cleared, shoot them. If they contain a bomb you should be able to shoot it down. But the mystery bubbles are worth the risk because of the extra points they give you. Aim high toward the side to drop it, if you haven't already, and then clear 9 holes to finish. Maximize your green spiders at least at the bottom and at the finish for 3-stars.

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