Dianna's Tips - Level 15-10

Dianna’s Tips – Level 15-10

3 Stars
All potions
No charms except Precision

The bottom row is doom skulls; above that on each end is a shadow bubble; and above that row are some mystery bubbles. 

The only way to do this level is to go straight up the middle, shooting between the skulls, as soon as possible to stop the infection that is going to be coming down very quickly. If it goes too far you will never be able to see the ceiling. 

On the way, shoot the mystery bubbles for extra bubbles in the cauldron or for bouncing. If they’re “bad” bubbles, they are easily neutralized. You must also shoot left and right as high at an angle as possible to drop the sides to stop the shadow bubbles from spreading upward. 

Keep going upward until you have to go around the center infection until you are above it; then use bank shots to drop it. Travel toward the ceiling to clear 9 holes.

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