Lynn's Tips - Level 133

Lynn's Tips - Level 133 --Use all of you potions. First you need to shoot and see what the morph bubbles turn into. If you are unclear about that, there is a document that Cookie posted about morph bubbles and what order the color change is. Go between the skulls to open the locks. This is a pretty good time (if needed) to use your rainbow bubble potion. However, you might get lucky and they will just fall into place. Once you open the gate, try and go between the skulls to drop them. You will have to aim as high as possible. Be careful and take your time to aim your shots. I dropped the right ones first. That gave me some room to bounce off the walls for the other ones. I went through the middle after dropping the second set of skulls. Then you are pretty much home free. Oh, and the bomb that you encounter here is not really an issue. If you set it off just cover it quickly. Avoid it but you can drop it once you are high enough to do so. Hope this helps. This level was a major pain for me. But you can do it!

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