Ebony's Tips - Level 11-9

Ebony's Tips - Level 11-9

Potions: Extra bubbles, rainbow and ceiling holes
Charms: Precision
Recommended: Charm of salvation. Using on one side of the skulls down low only and then on one side above the bombs/infection. Using them both on the lower skulls will still leave it quite hard to avoid hitting the ones just above the bombs.

Clear the bubbles in the centre up to the point where you are level with the skulls. The infection will come down the centre, between the skulls, and will continue coming right down if you don’t clear the bubbles. 

Clear the sides with the intention of banking shots off the sides up and around the skulls and infection. Just above the infection are some bombs, and there is only 1 row of bubbles above them before there is a long row of skulls so be careful where you shoot. Try to avoid starting the bombs ticking down as long as possible. (Precision tool is helpful.)  Once you get past the bombs, shoot up between the skulls.

At the very top there are 4 mystery bubbles so if you have enough bubbles in your cauldron, use these to get green spiders by following the "guide to green spiders", to ensure your score is high enough to pass the level.
With infection, bombs and skulls in this level you may not have much chance to gather your green spiders, needing to move quick. But if you can end the game with one or more green spiders you can achieve a decent score.

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