Terry's Tips - Level 20-7

3 Stars
All Potions
No charms except Precision

This level has Skulls, Bombs and Infection bubbles. You will see that you have a bomb and a row of skulls. In the middle of the skulls is the Infection. Work on getting the bomb down first; then you can work the bubbles in the middle to stop the spread of the infection. You do not want the infection going past the skulls. Next, work on both sides of the skulls, clearing as many as you can. Look to see what bubbles you have holding the row of skulls; you will need to knock them down to lower the ceiling. Once you have knocked the skulls down and the top is lowered, you will see a row of bombs. You will need to plug them quickly. Work around clearing the way to the ceiling. Open as many holes as you can before you set off the bombs (they count down from 9). Save your rainbow bubbles for this area so you can bring the ceiling down. (The rainbow bubbles will not work on bombs.)