Terry's Tips - Level 20-6

1 Star
All Potions
No charms except Precision

This level has its challenges. You will have bombs, chain locks, black bubbles and let’s not forget the infection bubbles. You will need to work on getting the bombs down. Start with the one on the right; after you get it down, move to the left side to take it down. You can use a rainbow bubble if you do not have a clear shot to take the bomb down. Before you unlock the chain, first you will need to knock the clusters of black bubbles down to give you a clear shot for the middle on top. Once the chain is broken you will need to work quickly clearing the middle section as you now have the infection coming down. Do not let the infection spread pass the two black bubbles. From here you need to work both sides to get the sides down to lower the top so you can see the ceiling. After that you will have a clear shot to the ceiling. Try to make enough good shots to gain more spiders. Remember, if you have not used your last rainbow bubble you can use it on the ceiling to bring it down.