Terry's Tip - Level 20-8

2 Stars
All Potions
No charms except Precision

This level has Infection, Locks and Chain, Skulls and Bombs. You will need to start in the middle,stopping the infection before it spreads down too far. Once you have stopped the infection, clear both sides. 

Do not unlock the lock until you have cleared most of the bubbles on the bottom. You need to knock down one of the skulls. Once you have broken the chain you must work quickly to lower the ceiling to see above the top of the infection, because you have now activated the bomb that is on the right side. You can use a rainbow bubble if you need it to knock the bomb down. 

You will need to work on getting the left lock undone to break this chain so you can lower the ceiling. Don’t shoot up towards the left corner because you have two skulls there. Now you can clear 9 holes to drop the ceiling.