Lynn's Tips - Level 9-10

Lynn’s Tips - Level 9-10
First you will come across the glass bubbles. Those are pretty easy. Be careful how far up you hit. You have 3 bombs before you reach the key lock. You have to work around them in order to open the lock. Infection is growing on the left and right side of your game board. When the screen lowers you will also have skulls. Try and work around them. This is rather difficult because you are fighting infection and trying to work around skulls. Take your time and plan your shots. DO NOT shoot and cross your fingers. You need to see what you are shooting. BWS played no punches on this level. You have every single obstacle in your way. Once you lower the screen/bubbles again you will notice more skulls and another few mystery bubbles. You can ignore those. Just aim and go for the ceiling. Keep dropping those bubbles until you are finished. I had to play this level quite a few times just to get 1 star. Be patient and keep trying until you get into your nook.

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