Jade's Tips - Level 14-7

Jade's Tips - Level 14-7

Potions used: extra ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles.

Start by clearing the bubbles as much as you can to access the locks. Leaving a few bubbles just below the skulls on the side will make it easier to shoot on the right angle to unlock the locks between the other skulls. Only leave a few though so they are easy to remove once you unlock them so you can see higher. 

Once the locks are open shoot above the skulls on both sides to drop them down. You will then be able to see the top. Avoid shooting near the bomb in the middle until you have the right colours to drop the bomb. If you’re lucky with the colours, you can bank shots off the sides to shoot above the bomb to reveal enough stars to end the level. 

If you have enough bubbles left, try to gather some green spiders before the final drop to increase your score.

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