Ebony's Tips - Level 11-7

Ebony's Tips - Level 11-7

Potions: Rainbow bubbles, 3 ceiling holes and extra bubbles
No charms except Precision

The infection starts in the middle down low as well as coming down the sides up higher. Shoot each side until you can shoot above the first infection to make it drop down. You need to do this before the infection growing down from above joins the 2 infections together.  When trying to drop the first infection be careful where you hit the bubbles because it will start the bomb just above. If it does start and you can't drop it, plug it.

Focus on clearing as far up as you can in the middle to stop the infection coming down there, as well as at least one of the sides. This way you can bank shots off the wall above the skulls just up ahead to make the infection and skulls all fall down. Once you have those down you can bank shots off one wall to the other side to make that one drop too. After that you should see the top. 

When I got to the top I still had 44 bubbles in my pot so I made heaps of small clusters of 2 until I had 30 bubbles left. I then used the next 10 bubbles to get combinations of 3- this gave me 2 green spiders. I also still had 1 rainbow bubble left so I shot it at a blank spot on the ceiling to deliberately miss all bubbles, which turned another bubble straight into a green spider. I ended the game with 19 bubbles remaining and 3 green spiders. 

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