Jade's Tips - Level 168

For each round, before you begin:
  • Take a moment to LOOK at the full view picture I have provided. In this picture, I have used the scrolling charm so you can see the whole screen for that level. 
  • Take note of where you see the shadow bubbles start.
  • Also, read the tips before each round, so you can see what the goal is in each individual one.
  • Another thing to do is to WATCH the video. If you have two tabs open, one for the website with these tips and video, and your game in the other tab ready to play, you can switch between the two screens. 
  • I recommend loading your game to the level, read the tips for round 1 and watch the video for round 1- then pause it. Go play that round and once you’re done come back and do it again for round 2. This way it will be fresh in your mind for each round as you do it.
  • For me to complete each round I usually look at it and play it a few times to work out what I actually need to do. I get a goal in my head and I use that goal to get me to the finish. 

Round 1

Take a good look at the FULL VIEW picture. You will notice in the middle is the start of the shadow bubbles. It is almost impossible to shoot fast enough, with the right colours, to get to that shadow quickly and stop it spreading, but it is possible to at least confine it. The shadow will grow by 2 every time you make a shot, so if you shoot a bubble somewhere, 2 more shadow bubbles will come.

You will see in the full view picture that there is a section of skulls in the middle that look like a circle. The goal is to remove the bottom row of that skull circle as quick as you can. Forget the shadows and the rest- just do what you need to do to get above that section of the skulls. 
Getting rid of the lower part of the skull circle quickly is the trick- before too many are turned into shadow bubbles in there. Shoot as much of that middle part as you can – as quick as you can. 

Once you have done that, look at what colour bubbles you have compared to the 2 sides of the screen. Work on one side to get as high as you can on it as quick as you can. To see the top you also need to drop some of the other side but it won't matter if it’s not as high if you can’t get the right colour bubbles to do it. As long as you get rid of the lower part you will be able to see the top. You can then use the side to bank shots off the wall to shoot along the top above the remaining circle of skulls and shadow bubbles, to clear the top and move on to the next round.

I need to emphasise here, no matter how tempting it is, SAVE your rainbow bubble. You will need at least one in the final level, if not two, to stop the initial shadow bubbles if you do not have the right colour.

Round 2

This round is slightly harder than round 1, so I have got some extra pictures for you on this one.

Take a look at the FULL VIEW picture. In this one you will notice there are two start points for the shadow bubbles, one on each side. The shadows spread upwards from these two points. And again, remember before you do round 2- fight the urge to use your rainbow bubble!!! You will need at least one (and two are better) in the final level to stop the initial shadow bubbles if you do not have the right colour.

You will notice in my pic 2 for this round that I was extremely lucky with my bubbles colours- and I can shoot at the shadow bubbles quickly to stop them growing on both sides. This is RARE that you will get the right colours. So I can show you how to do it if the colours do not match; I am not going to shoot those shadows straight off.

Assess the goal in this round… your goal is to stop the shadows from spreading too much as quickly as possible. We can see where the shadows start and we know they grow upwards, so the trick here is to get to a point above the shadows to drop them down.

In pic 3 I have put in lines to show you in which direction we need to go to do this. You need to shoot in the middle first, heading towards the sides at an angle. 

Pic 4 shows you this done on one side. As you can see, I can now drop that side down and only hit a few shadow bubbles to do it so I won't lose many bubbles from the cauldron. By targeting one side first, you can then use that side to bank shots off the wall to get to the other side. This is where the charm of Precision comes in very handy! 

Pic 5 shows the 2nd drop about to happen. 

Once you have dropped them down, take a moment to look at what you now have. On one side, the first side you dropped, you will hopefully have dropped it high enough so the shadows on that side are gone. The other side will show more shadow bubbles still. 

Pic 6 now shows you what my screen was like after the two drops. We need to clear some of the middle quickly, so we can see slightly higher. 

Pic 7 shows after I have cleared some of the middle section. You should now be able to see the top. Take a moment to assess where you need to shoot for the easiest access to clearing the top. 

Pic 8 shows that yes, it might be necessary to hit some shadow bubbles, but don’t panic if you do. Just remain focused on what you are doing. If you end the level with only a few bubbles left that’s fine, there is still one more round to go and your bubbles will be fully replenished. However, if you get to the top and you have more than 30 bubbles left, as well as the shadow bubbles confined to one side only then take this opportunity to make some colour pairs. This will set you up then to get several shots in a row before you end this level and get some green spiders in place. 

Pic 9 shows after I have made some colour pairs. 

Pic 10 shows just before my final drop. Take notice of my spiders in both of these pictures.

Round 3 

Start by looking at the FULL VIEW picture. This will show you our obstacles this time and give us an idea what the goal needs to be. You will see as indicated on the picture that in this one we have infected bubbles, shadow bubbles and skull bubbles. 

To start we need to stop those shadows. You can see them directly in front of you in the middle with a clear shot to them. If you have a colour to match those that are the shadows that’s fantastic, shoot them! If not, this is the moment you need to have saved that rainbow bubble for. If you don’t have a colour to match or a rainbow bubble then the shadows will spread, as well as the infection, and beating this level will be that much harder for you. I will assume you were able to stop the shadows for the rest of these tips. 

Next we need to stop the infection from coming down too low. I have indicated on pic 2 which section we need to work towards- the bubbles circled are the ones we want to get rid of. The infection comes down the side of the triangle of skulls and if you don’t stop it before it touches the skulls it is much harder to continue. This is the ideal point to stop the infection coming past. If you can stop it before it reaches the skulls just below then you will be able to beat this level by then banking shots off the wall, shooting around the skulls to then drop the skulls. If you do not stop the infection before that point you will not be able to see the top- and without the scrolling charm you won’t be able to see what colours are needed to complete the level. 

It is for this reason I recommend saving BOTH rainbow bubbles for this point. You can then shoot both points where the infection needs to be stopped quickly, so you can then complete the level. If you only have 1 rainbow bubble though, shoot the left side as the infection comes down on that side slightly quicker. Then try to get colour matches quickly for the other side.

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