Dianna's Tips - Level 12-9

Dianna's Tips - Level 12-9

Precision Charm
Webbing Charm
Four Potions (exclude golden spiders if using three)
Salvation Charm (advantageous)

Don't shoot what you can't see!

Bank shots off side walls to clear bubbles between rows of skulls. Go slow and carefully. Once skull rows are removed, mystery bubbles will be revealed with bombs above them. 

Clear the bubbles under and to the left and right of the mystery bubbles. When you shoot the  mystery bubbles, prepare to either plug the bombs once they are activated or to clear the ceiling for the final drop. (You'll have more time to set up green spiders if you plug them.) Shoot the mystery bubbles. Head for ceiling, set up for green spiders and clear 9 holes to finish.

You will need to repeatedly set up for some green spiders in order to score higher points. Make sure you have green spiders before you shoot the mystery bubbles (which will give you more) and before you clear the 9th hole in the ceiling to drop all the bubbles to finish.

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