Jade's Tips - Level 14-4

Level  14-4

Potions used: extra bubbles, ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles
Recommended Charms:  Antidote

This level has 3 infection parts. Start shooting on the left hand side as the infection comes down lower on this side first. By the time you stop it on that side you will then be able to see where the infection has started in the middle and on the right side. Shoot as high as you can to stop the infection coming down too low. Focus on stopping it in the middle before the 2nd side- you won’t be able to see the top of the infection in the middle section. On the side where the infection has come down the lowest, shoot above it to drop the infected bubbles down so you can then see the top. If you still have plenty of bubbles left, use the Green Spider Guide and complete the level.

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