Dianna's Tips - Level 10-8

Dianna’s Tips – Level 10-8. Use all potions. The antidote charm helps enormously! The infection that comes down the inside of both diagonal lines of skulls cannot be allowed to join the bubbles attached to the horizontal skulls or you will not be able to drop the horizontal skulls. Some luck is involved because you will need the right color of bubbles to get to the inside line to break the line of infection. Also, do not let the line of infection go below the last skull. 

Using bank shots, clear left and right of skulls. You will have to clear the corners underneath the skulls to make the turn. Break the line of infection on both sides at the last skull. Drop the horizontal skulls. Clear cluster of bombs in the middle and continue to clear the center and outside the diagonal line of skulls enough to lower the ceiling to see above the line of infection. Drop each side. Clear nine holes in ceiling to drop all remaining bubbles.

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