Dianna's Tips - Level 17-10

Dianna’s Tips – Level 17-10

3 Stars
4 Potions
Precision charm

Take a screen shot first of the full screen before you play. You might need it at the end if you can’t lower the ceiling.

Work on the right side of the screen. The shadow bubbles come out of the spiral puzzle only on the right so if you clear that side first up to the mystery bubbles, you have a chance to stop and/or minimize the shadow bubbles. On your way up, use bank shots from the right to drop the side on the left. When going for the mystery bubbles, go to the right side first and clear as many of the bubbles to the left of them as you can. If you hit a bomb when you hit the mystery bubbles, just drop it or plug it and keep going. Then shoot the mystery bubbles on the left. By then the ceiling will have lowered and you will be able to see the top row. (If not, now is the time to view your screen shot that you took at the beginning.) Head for the ceiling and take out 9 holes to finish the level. If you can, before you make the 9th hole, create one or two green spiders.

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