Dianna's Tips - Level 15-4

Dianna’s Tips – Level 15-4

3 Stars
All potions
No charms except Precision
Useful: Charm of Salvation

There are doom skulls forming a V right on the bottom but the bombs on the left and right and then another one in the center above those are far more dangerous and difficult to drop! Do not shoot what you can’t see between the bombs or on either side of them.

Start between the skulls on the bottom. Go to the left and right and work around the bombs. You may have to shoot bubbles around the bombs and then plug it back up again because each bomb is topped by two more skulls so watch your countdown. Drop one side, and then using bank shots drop the other side. Very carefully go toward ceiling around all three bombs (if you haven’t dropped them). Clear 9 holes using bank shots from each side.

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