Magic Charms

Magic charms will help you past the various obstacles which you will encounter as you progress through the levels.
They are unlocked one by one when you reach certain levels.
However, they have to be bought with FB credits, which you either need to buy with real money, or earn by doing online surveys etc.

See the picture at the bottom of this page to earn free FaceBook credits

Here are the charms, what they cost and when they are available to buy. 

Charm of life.      99 fb credits
Unlocked at level 8.
Adds 3 extra lives to your maximum 

Great if you are always running out 
of lives.

Charm of foresight.   129 fb credits
Unlocked at level 14.
With this charm you can switch between 3 bubbles in the cauldron instead of 2.

Easier to plan your moves.

Charm of shielded spiders.    69 credits
Unlocked at level 15.
when you miss a shot you only lose 
one spider, instead of 2.

Useful if you're a poor shot!

Charm of precision.       119 credits
Unlocked at level 19.
Extends your aim so bouncing shots off the walls is much easier.

The most useful of all the charms.

Charm of scrolling.     99 credits
Unlocked at level 25.
Lets you scroll to the top of the screen 3 times every level to see what's there.

Good for finding unseen bombs!

Charm of plenty.     59 credits
Unlocked at level 40.
Gives you 5 extra bubbles in your cauldron every game.

Helps if you use too many bubbles.

Charm of insurance.     129 credits
Unlocked at level 43.
Survive a doom bubble hit once 
per level.

The dreaded DOOM bubbles.

Charm of fortune spiders.     79 credits
Unlocked at level 49.
Gives you 2 spiders that never disappear when you miss a shot.

Helps you get a higher score.

Charm of antidote.   119 credits
Unlocked at level 51.
Heals infected bubbles from the virus.
Original infection is not cured and regrows.

Gives you more time to stop the virus.

Charm of webbing.  79 credits
Unlocked at level 53.
Covers the lowest scoring jars with spider webs so bubbles bounce into higher scoring jars.   13 bounces.

Better chance to get 3 stars.

Charm of immortality.  799 credits
Unlocked at level 71.
Gives you unlimited lives..

Speaks for itself.

Charm of disarm.  139 credits
Unlocked at level 78.
Disarms a bomb twice each level.

Could save your life if you activate a bomb and aren't able to drop it.

Charm of salvation.  119 credits.
Unlocked at level 83.
Neutralise the evil doom bubbles without getting hurt. 2 uses per level.

Charm of wealth.  299 credits
Unlocked at level 86.
Gives you 20,000 coins every day 
you play, forever.

Helps if you don't have lots of friends.

Charm of shattering.  89 credits
Unlocked at level 89.
Shatters a block of crystal bubbles.
One use per level.

Gets you past the crystal bubbles without wasting bubbles.

Charm of delay.  89 credits
Unlocked at level 106.
Delays the morph bubbles so they change every other shot.

Good if you find the morph balls confusing.

Charm of magic.  39 credits
Unlocked at level 130.
Enables you to use all four magic potions at once, instead of three.

Useful on the more difficult levels.

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