The TOP 10 LIKES for this draw are:

Hayley Richter Beaver 20

Annie Lincoln 14

Helen Smith 7

Chris Hughes 7

Donna Kay Bailey 6

Ciobanu Tirisca Cornelia Paula 5

Jo Ellen Hamilton 4

Judy Wheeler Akers 4

Jeneffer Zarate Olmos 3

Susan Beck Downs 3

The Person with the MOST amount of LIKES for this round is:

Hayley Richter Beaver     Rob Zombie       20

Congratulations Hayley - you will recieve a message shortly with a link to a form to complete so you can be sent your prize.

Hayley is not eligable to WIN another of the little draws, however, her name will be IN THE DRAW to win the MAJOR PRIZE of a CHARM at the end of this competition.

If you would like your name to be entered MORE THAN ONCE all you have to do is be in the TOP 10 for each minor round!!!