WELCOME to our New Coins Page

That's RIGHT!

We have a Brand New Coins Page - where?

And to Celebrate we are giving away 
Heaps of Prizes!!!

Is a choice of 
one of the following charms:

Charm of Precision (improves bank shots)

Charm of Insurance (survives a doom hit)
Charm of Antitode (heals an infection)
Charm of Disarm (disarms a bomb)
Charm of Salvation (dissolves doom skulls)

and it goes to the person who posts the Highest Amount of Coins $$$$

Then there will be two random draws after that so that EVERYONE, No matter How Big or small the donation will have a CHANCE TO WIN!!!

So what do you have to do?

Simply Post your Coins HERE and then TICK the Box to post to Facebook.

Posts must be public so it can be verified by Admins then after two weeks all the winners will be announced!!!

Because this is a competition on Facebook you do Not have to be a Member of our Fantastic Facebook Group!

As Always,
If you are looking for Coins for the Game, the admins of the
Bubble Witch Saga All Help Group
COINS Daily!

They can be Claimed

Right Here!

Competition Coins to be