Dianna's Tips - Level 13-7

Dianna's Tips - Level 13-7.

3 Stars
Charm of Magic (four potions); Charm of Precision; and Charm of Foresight
Useful: Charm of Antidote and Charm of Salvation

There is a bomb on the left and right surrounded by doom bubbles with a spreading infection under each bomb. The pattern of the bubbles around each bomb is always the same.

Go up the left side, clear the bubbles right to the bottom of the bomb, and drop it. (You will have to remove a few bubbles from the right to lower the ceiling.) Then using bank shots, drop the bomb on the right from above. If possible, have one or two green spiders under it when you do. The ceiling will now be visible. Make some green spiders as you clear the ceiling and make sure you have at least one when you clear the 9th hole.

What is a green spider?

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