How to Take Screenshots/Videos

How To take a Screenshot using the "fn" key on a Laptop.

If you are new to computers, you may ask "What's a Screenshot?" That's when you take a picture of whatever is on your computer screen. Sometimes you need to take a picture to report a problem to your Internet Service Provider, and they're asking you for a Screenshot; or sometimes you just want to take a picture of an awesome Website.
Here are the instructions to take a Screenshot using your laptop.

With some laptops you are able to use the ctrl + insert/prt sc keys. Or you can also use shift + insert/prs sc keys. My laptop was different, in that I wasn't able to use either one of those keys. Until a friend of mine from these forums pointed out a key that I wasn't even aware of:

the fn key.

These are the steps to follow to take a Screenshot using the fn key:

Press and hold the fn key (located to the left of your spacebar) and then press the insert/prt sc key (usually just above the backspace key.) This saves the Screenshot to your clipboard.

Next, press the Start key on your laptop, or just click on Start. When the Start menu opens up, type Paint in the search box. When Paint comes up, click on it. This will open a Paint window for you.

Next go up to edit and click on *paste*. Your screenshot should appear within the Paint window.

Click on the save icon and a small window will appear where you can give your screenshot a name; make it an easy-to-remember name.

Next, click on the red X to close the Paint window. Your screenshot will be saved to pictures by default.

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How to take a screenshot of a level

As soon as the game starts after you hit play you really quickly hit the "screen print" button, then paste it into Paint. If your fast enough you can see the very top line and then just leave it open to keep going back to while your playing it to see where you need to shoot. 

How to take a Screenshot from a PC.

Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. It may be labeled [PrtScn].

Open an image editing program, such as Microsoft Paint.

Go to the Edit menu and choose Paste.

If prompted to enlarge the image, choose Yes.

Optional: Use your image editor's crop tool to crop out unnecessary portions of the screen shot.

Go to the File Menu and choose Save As.

Navigate to the folder where you want to save the image.

Type a file name for the image.

Select a file type.

Click the Save button.

Hold the Alt key down while pressing Print Screen to capture only the active window.

Generally the GIF format works best when saving screen shots of application windows. The JPEG format usually makes screenshots (especially those with text) blurry, blotchy and discolored.

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