How to Play Bubble Witch Saga - Basic Guide

How To Play Bubble Witch Saga

Basic Guide

  • Bubble Witch Saga is a challenging bubble-popping game with multiple levels and increasing difficulty. 

  • The object of the game is to clear nine holes in the row of bubbles along the top of the board (or Ceiling). 

  • To do this, you must shoot groups of two or more bubbles of the same color making a three or more ball combination. 

  • Aim with your mouse and shoot with the left mouse button.   Press space bar to switch between the current bubble and the one in the cauldron. 

  • The bubbles you use to shoot are stored in the cauldron at the bottom of the board/screen. You can see two bubbles in the cauldron and you can switch between the two bubbles using your space bar. 

  • As you burst the bubbles, spiders will appear at the bottom of the screen above the cauldrons. 

  • When bubbles drop onto these spiders they score points. Your score will increase if you drop your bubbles onto yellow or green spiders. 

  • You must score a minimum number of points AND drop the Ceiling to pass each level and move on to the next. 

  • Stars are awarded according to the number of points you score. 

  • The points you need for each level can be found by passing your pointer over the stars at the beginning of each level. You need at least one star to complete each level. 

  • At the end of the game, any bubbles left in the cauldron will be expelled and continue to score points. BUT, you can only get half the number of bubbles left, up to a MAXIMUM of 10, so there is no point in keeping more than 20 in the cauldron. Use any spares to hit small groups of bubbles to increase your spiders.

  • If you wish to end the game prematurely, just press the End Game button in the bottom left of the screen.

  • You can toggle the sound and music On or Off individually.


Bursting a bubble: 10 points
If you shoot several bursting shots in a row, the score will increase with 5 points per bubble for each shot.
Example: You shoot 4 bursting shots in a row, and with the 5th shot, you burst 3 bubbles. Your score for that shot will be (5+5+5+5+5) x 3 = 75 points.

Falling bubbles
1 bounce: 25 points
2 bounces: 50 points
3 bounces: 100 points
4+ bounces: +100 points per bounce.
Example: A falling bubble bounces 5 times. The score will be (25 + 50 + 100 + 100 + 100) = 375 points. If a spider is a Double spider, the score for that spider will be doubled. Every falling bubble will also fall into one of the cauldrons, adding the 100, 500 or 1000 points on top of the bounce score.
Note that the score popups over the cauldrons can add several bubbles into one score if a lot of bubbles fall down at once.

Try to make bursting shots when it is possible.

Work your way to the top row as quickly as possible, falling bubbles are much more valuable than bursting bubbles.

Make sure that you have a lot of spiders before you create a big fall of bubbles, or a lot of the potential will be wasted.

Try to plan your shots so you always have several different colors to burst. This makes you less dependent on what bubble colours you get.

Bubble Witch Saga is a free game and puzzle! Along with the rules, we have free coins, videos, tips, tricks and cheats on our All Help Group website. And join our Group on Facebook for interactive support for members!