Exciting News!!

         YES THAT’S RIGHT!


the largest free games site in the world
and also the creator of this game we love so much
is offering the

If you happen to be that person we will give your name to King.com’s promotions manager and he will "Friend" you to forward you your

So Tell your Friends, Tell your Neighbours, Tell your Work colleagues and Tell your School friends and most importantly...


Who will be our 3000th Member…..?


To MATCH King.com's generous donation to our Newest member,

We are offering our Existing members the exact same charm:

Want to be in the draw?

Its simple,

just comment below in 25 words or less how helpful the group is and then share the comment on your wall with your friends.

(we don't mind how creative you are)

Its That Easy

All comments will receive a number and we will use an on line lotto machine to choose the winner for us.
If yours is the number that comes up

We will GIFT you your Charm via the GIFTS in the GAME!!!

Enter today!

If you are having trouble commenting, send an email to us with
 "Message in inverted commas"

and we will enter your comment on your behalf.
If you win we will COMMENT on the post we made for you
and send you a return email to the address you used to write to us.

Entries will be drawn the same day as the 3000th Member draw.
All entrants must be a current member of the All Help Group.
All entrants must have a Facebook account to receive the prize as it is gifted via "Friend Gifts" in Facebook.
If you have this Charm already you may nominate a recipient.