Dianna's Tips - Level 8-8

Dianna’s Tips - Level 8-8. There is a bomb on each side of the inverted triangle made up of black bubbles. Above the point of the black triangle an infection will be coming down the minute you begin the game. You almost have no choice but to release the bombs unless you can clear them by shooting from the sides above them. I found nothing good in the mystery bubbles any time I played the level. Do NOT let the infection touch the black bubbles or you will be blocked from dropping the triangle. Pick one side of the triangle, release the bomb, and go up and block the infection from coming down. Then release the bomb on the other side and drop the black bubbles. It's clear sailing to the ceiling after that. You will need the rainbow bubble and I also used the 3 extra holes and extra bubbles potion. It wouldn't hurt if you had the antidote charm in case you don't get to the infection in time.

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