Dianna's Tips - Level 7-8

Dianna’s Tips - Level 7-8: This level requires luck. Drop the first row as far to the right and left as possible. Then take out the sides as high as possible. The infection will be coming down the sides with each shot. (Unused bubbles can go under the infected row.) Unlock one side of the chain asap. Drop the infected row using banked shots off the sidewalls. Skip the mystery bubbles if you want but I like them. One usually contains extra bubbles to drop on the spiders for extra points, and the other contains either a power ball or a bomb so save it to the last if you decide to shoot it. Then unlock the other side of the chain. Use your Rainbow bubble so you don’t waste bubbles. The bomb above the chain starts its countdown when the chain is unlocked but it is pretty easy to drop, then you are home free. You probably have some blue spiders, so shoot five clusters in a row to get a green spider then drop the ceiling with the sixth shot. Use your potions. A useful charm is the antidote charm.

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