Cookies Tips - Level 164

Cookies Tips. Level 164. Start with extra holes and rainbow bubble.

Clear between the mystery bubbles to open the locks. There's nothing above the locks to worry about so the sooner you open them the better. Don't drop the ceiling too much until you have opened the locks or you'll lose the angle to shoot them. Once the locks are open you can see what's above the mystery bubbles and can set up your bubbles to drop the bottom 2 rows with one bubble. DON'T drop them yet. Start shooting the mystery's on the bottom 2 rows only. Once you have 10 spiders one of your blue ones will turn green every time you shoot a mystery. Don't worry if you get bombs as you're going to drop them before the bombs explode. Once you have as many green spiders as you can, or if the bombs are ready to go off, drop the rest on your spiders.

Then clear to the top, dropping as many bubbles as possible on your spiders.

Only shoot mystery bubbles if you know you'll be able to block or drop a bomb, or if you're near the end of the game.

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