How to Add and Remove Friends From a Group

Add and Remove Friends/Members From a Group

1. How to REMOVE yourself from groups.

2. How to ADD FRIENDS to a group.

3. Confusion over Facebook's "SUGGESTED MEMBER" list.

Below is a picture explaining each. I have used a group that is NOT Bubble Witch Saga as the image because it is what most groups look like without a cover picture.

The "suggested members" list which you will see on the right of your page is a list of people from your friends' list. 

Some of them may play Bubble Witch Saga, and some may not. If you click on one of these friends you are actually ADDING them to the group. 

You should, therefore, ask them first if they would like to join the group. Some people can get quite upset about being added to groups without their permission. 

Your friends may or may not receive a notification depending upon their Facebook settings.

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