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A bit about us:

This Group was created to support the ALL COINS PAGE. We started with just the PAGE but more and more people joined and asked all sorts of questions so we decided to create

This Group was formed so that....

1. You could find information about How to Post your coins easily  on the All Coins Page without your questions being lost on the page wall.

2. You could be answered in a timely and accurate manner.

3. You could find information on ALL the levels and how to get through them without having to search Google for three days.

4. You could share tips with other Bubble Witch Saga players and learn how to become more skilful in the game.

5. You can just sit back and have some light conversation when you are not playing the game.

So, with this in mind, we ask that ALL Members be considerate when commenting or posting. Know that there are people from ALL nationalities and varying skill levels in the group. If you don't understand the question, or if you don't know the answer, just pass it by... Someone who does know and understand will answer. If not, an Admin will ask the poster to clarify.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one that was never asked.

Bubble Witch Saga is a free game and puzzle! Along with the rules, we have free coins, videos, tips, tricks and cheats on our All Help Group website. And join our Group on Facebook for interactive support for members!