Magic Potions

The Magic Potions are:

    Golden Spiders.
    Unlocks when you have 20 stars
    gives you 3 golden spiders at the start
    of the game and at the end changes 
    3 blue spiders to gold.
   Cost for 3 games    1000 coins.

    Extra Bubbles.
    Unlocks when you have 50 stars.
    Gives you seven extra bubbles at the 
    start of the game.

    Cost for 3 games  2000 coins.

    Ceiling Holes.
    Unlocks when you have 70 stars.
    Gives you three holes in the ceiling 
    which means you only need 6 more 
    to complete the level.

   Cost for 3 games   1500 coins

    Rainbow Bubble.
    Unlocks when you have 130 stars.
    This gives you a bubble that will burst
    any colour bubble it hits. It will also 
    burst crystal bubbles. Use twice.

    Cost for 3 games 2000 coins.

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