Welcome To Our Coins Section

Look to the RIGHT (when on this page alone) ----->
you will see DATES listed  and Coin Posts allowing you to claim 350 or 500 coins at a time.  If you claim them all one at a time you will receive them all.

You will NOT see a notification pop up - only your coins increasing.

We will try to post here often with no less than 50 x 500 or 50 x 350 coins at a time.

Use AUTOMATED CLICKING and let your computer do the work OR 

Hold down the control key and click 5 to 10 links (depending on your system and how much it can handle). Wait a few seconds for all of them to load, check one to make sure the coins went to your account, X out of all which takes you back to the collecting page and keep going (repeat).

All coins posted on this BLOG are BRAND NEW and not copied from anyone or anywhere (any exceptions will be noted) so you will always find fresh links here.

Bubble Witch Saga is a free game and puzzle! Along with the rules, we have free coins, videos, tips, tricks and cheats on our All Help Group website. And join our Group on Facebook for interactive support for members!