What is a Green Spider?

When a Bubble bounces on a GREEN spider, the Bubble multiplies. The more Bubbles that fall into your Cauldron the more points you receive.

BLUE Spiders will turn GREEN if you shoot a 3-bubble cluster 5 times (5 x 3+) consecutively. The tips will often tell you to deliberately create these clusters, if you have enough bubbles, so you can create green spiders.

Once a Bubble drops onto a GREEN Spider it will return to BLUE and you will have to do your 5 x 3+ combinations again to return it to GREEN.

YELLOW spiders cannot be turned into GREEN spiders.

GREEN spiders have the highest value; then YELLOW; and BLUE is the least, so try to end your game with GREEN and YELLOW spiders.


  • Try to make sure that your 5 x 3+ combinations do NOT drop any surrounding balls. Save that for the Last Shot when you drop the ceiling.


  • If you purchased RAINBOW bubbles and you get to the end and have any left over, if you have a blue spider you can shoot the rainbow bubble to deliberately miss and it will become a green spider.
  • You can do the same thing with the Salvation Charm.
  • ...and the Shattering Charm.

  • "DELIBERATLY MISS" MEANS: Shoot the rainbow ball at an infection, at a row of black bubbles or an empty spot on the top. As long as it doesn't hit any normal bubbles it will turn a BLUE spider GREEN. For those who have the "skull" and the "shattering" charm the same rule applies. 
  •  If you get to the end and you have not used them, and you have blue spiders, you can use these charms and deliberately miss and it will turn BLUE Spiders to GREEN. Potentially you can turn two unused “Rainbow Potions”, two unused “Skull Charms” and one “Shattering Charm” into GREEN Spiders, but only if you have all 10 spiders, 5 of which are already BLUE

For a more in-depth look at Green Spiders click below:

An in-depth look at Green Spiders.

There are several ways to gather green spiders; hopefully some of the details below will help you.

Green spiders multiply the bubbles that bounce on them, which mean more drop into the pots below to increase your score. On many levels it is impossible to get a high enough score for more than 1 star without green spiders. The best method with the green spiders is to remember to always count your shots.

*When you make 4 successful shots in a row, the next one (5th shot) will be a green spider. A yellow spider can’t turn into a green spider, only blue spiders can. If you shoot 15 shots in a row, starting with only 2 blue spiders below, by the time you make the 15th successful shot you will have 3 green spiders and 7 gold spiders- if you have managed to not drop any bubbles onto them.

*If you do have made 15 successful shots, to have 3 x green and 7 x yellow spiders, plan your next moves carefully. To maximise your score it is best if you can make 4 more shots without missing- creating a drop onto the spiders on the 4th shot. Watch closely as your bubbles bounce and as soon as one turns back to blue make another shot. This will be classed as the 5th successful shot again, turning that blue spider into a green one. If your fast enough, while they are still bouncing and before they turn back to blue, quickly shoot some more. If you’re quick enough you may get 3 or 4 shots in while they are still being bounced on as green spiders and can then shoot quickly to turn one into a green one again. If you’re not quick enough they will at least become yellow spiders, which are worth more per bounce than a blue one is.

*If you have enough bubbles, always try to use your excess bubbles to make colour pairs (2 of each colour together). The cauldron at the end can only produce 1 bubble to every 2 you have left, up to a maximum of 10 bubbles. This means there is no benefit to finishing the level with any more than 20 bubbles in the cauldron. Use these extra bubbles to make the colour pairs, setting it up for you to then get as many shots in a row as you can to obtain more green spiders. The bubbles left on the screen are in your favour even if you do not pop them as they will be additional ones to drop and bounce in the end- again increasing your score.

*You can use your Rainbow Bubbles to assist you in gathering extra green spiders. If you have purchased Charms (Shattering or Skulls) they can be used in the same way when making green spiders as the Rainbow Bubbles. First you need to ensure you have 10 spiders below, some of which are still blue. You can then select your Rainbow Bubble and shoot it anywhere on the screen that will NOT pop a bubble- for example, at a row of bombs, at infected bubbles, black solid bubbles or at a gap in the ceiling where no bubbles are near. This will then turn one of your blue spiders into a green one. You can do the same with the Shattering Charm if it is available in that level and you do not need to used it- shoot it anywhere that it will not shatter encased bubbles- and with the Skull Charm shoot it anywhere that it won’t touch a skull. You can shoot these at a cluster of normal bubbles. With the Shattering Charm though, avoid shooting it at any bubbles that are the same colour as the bubble you used before turning it on. For example, if the bubble was red and you selected the Shattering Charm, don’t then shoot it at any red bubbles. Doing so will pop those red bubbles and your spider will become yellow. Shooting it anywhere else will make it become green instead.

*For levels with Mystery Bubbles. Mystery Bubbles can potentially create many green spiders. Expose your Mystery Bubbles so you have easy access to them. Often you may need to drop one side to bank shots off the wall to hit them. Once you have 10 spiders below (with some or all blue) you can then shoot a mystery bubble to turn a blue spider into a green one. It’s best to clear as much of the screen as you can, leaving the mystery bubbles accessible, before you begin shooting them as you may end up with infections or bombs inside the Mystery Bubbles. If there is a row of Mystery Bubbles going down the screen, always start by shooting the lowest one, then move upwards to the others. This way if you shoot one and it has a bomb in it, then you may be lucky enough that the Mystery Bubbles above it may have a Rainbow or Cluster of bubbles in it which will then drop the Mystery Bubbles below it that you have already popped. If you do get a Mystery Bubble that has a Cluster of bubbles in it, this means bubbles will fall down to bounce on your spiders. While they are bouncing shoot as many of the Mystery Bubbles as you can as quick as you can, so they keep turning to green ones while they are still bouncing. If you run out of Mystery Bubbles you can follow the tip above with your Rainbow Bubbles, Shattering Charm or Skull Charm to get extra green spiders while they are still bouncing- otherwise make normal colour matches so the spiders are at least yellow ones instead of blue to maximise your score.

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