Quick Tips

Here are a few Quick Tips to get you started.
You will 
find all this and more in theALL HELP GROUP.

1.   Filter your HOME Page to show ONLY Bubble Witch posts from your friends by using this LINK.

2.  You can CLAIM YOUR OWN posts as well as your friends’ posts. All Bubble Witch posts are valid for seven (7) days.

3. A fantastic way to claim/make coins is to visit the SHARE YOUR COINS WITH OTHERS page.

4. Finding posts on NEW friends’ walls with Timeline can be difficult. Go HERE for instructions on how to do it very easily.   

5. MORE LIVESDon't run out of lives! When you have lost the first life, click on the plus sign next to the red heart. Then select Bubble Witch Friends. Click  up to 50 friends and send. That is all! Do this whenever you lose just a life and you will always have enough. Any you don’t need are converted to coins.

Bubble Witch Saga is a free game and puzzle! Along with the rules, we have free coins, videos, tips, tricks and cheats on our All Help Group website. And join our Group on Facebook for interactive support for members!