Terry's Tips - Level 170

Terry's Tips - Level 170.

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Part 1 of 3
You will see that you have are surrounded by Crystal bubbles; get rid of the ones on the bottom before you break the crystal bubbles. After you break them the Shadow bubbles will start to spread. 

Start on the right side then you can move to the left side if you have to (tip about shadow bubbles: shoot the least amount so you don’t lose too many from your cauldron). 

Once you get the sides down, it will lower the top and once you have the top in sight you will have skulls and bombs to shoot around. Shoot high on the right side and it will knock down some of the ceiling, then you can go to the left side clearing what you can to get to the ceiling. If you detonate the bomb, you will still have time to get the ceiling down.
Tip: Save your rainbow bubbles!

Part 2 of 3

It starts with skulls and bombs. You will want to knock the bomb down by shooting the middle and the right side. Remember shoot the least amount of Shadow bubbles. After you get the bombs down work on clearing the left side before you unlock the locks. Once you unlock the chain you will have bombs to work around. You should have enough bubbles in your cauldron to knock down the Shadow bubbles. If you detonate one bomb and cannot plug it, work fast to knock the ceiling down.
Tip: Save your rainbow bubbles!

Part 3 of 3
Bombs, skulls, infection bubbles and mystery bubbles on the last round. This is where you will use you rainbow bubbles. You will start by knocking the bubbles under the skulls first and the mystery bubbles. You don’t want to let the infection get past the mystery bubble so start clearing them as you go. You can hit the mystery bubbles but isolate in case you get a bomb. Then you will want to shoot between the row of bubbles and the skulls trying to knock the sides down. After you knock down the left side, on the lower part of the bottom you will see bombs on the left and they will start counting down. (The right side will be covered by bubbles.) Then get the middle done.

You have knocked the sides down and the middle to lower the bottom part to get to the chain and unlock it; now use one of you rainbow bubbles on this part. Once you have unlocked the chain you have a clear shot to the ceiling but watch out; you have Skulls and a bomb so aim carefully and shoot around them as much as you can. Keep a count on how many holes you have in case you do detonate the bomb so you can knock the ceiling down.

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