Terry's Tip - Level 20-3

3 Stars
All Potions
No Charms except Precision

You will have skulls and infection bubbles on this level. The skulls are in the middle. You need to shoot either side of the skulls clearing as much as you can. You will need to take the first cluster of skulls down to lower the ceiling it so you can see the middle section; this is where the infection bubbles come in to play. You will need to stop the infection before it gets to the top second cluster of skulls; you will need to knock down the second cluster of skulls to lower the top. From here, you can shoot both sides of the infection bubbles to knock down the ceiling, Now if you can’t see the top because the infection got to the top of the skull, you can still try to get the ceiling down by shooting high using the rainbow bubble. This will be pure luck that it comes down but it can happen.