Lynn's Tips - Level 9-8

Lynn’s Tips - Level 9-8
If you shoot the first layer from the left side down all of the mystery bubbles will fall and that entire first level will fall with it. Not many bubbles there but it does help to give you better aiming power. Next you will have skulls to deal with. You will also see infection on the right and left sides on the game board. Go in between the skulls to shoot down as many bubbles as you can. This is a really hard level. You have to deal with another large amount of skulls above the ones in a straight line. Do not shoot what you can’t see. If you do you will hit a skull. The infection is still there and every shot you take it will continue to increase. My suggestion is to drop as many bubbles at a time as possible. Easier said than done on this level and it was one of the hardest levels I have completed so far. You can drop the infection once you are at the ceiling.

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