Lynn's Tips - Level 10-1

Tips- Level 10-1
Nasty little spiders are back again, along with the dreaded skulls. On the first few layers of bubbles if you plan your shots you can avoid the spiders. Just take your time and you can do it. Make sure you look up, down and around to make sure the bubbles are not connected to the spiders. Going above the skulls to drop them is an issue. I had to hit the spiders there a few times. The hint here is to drop bubbles with when you hit the spiders. (make sure that when you hit a spider, it is worth it and drop as many bubbles as possible) Once you drop the skulls you will notice there are more spiders at the top near the ceiling. Just ignore those. Just keep hammering away at your ceiling. This may take a few tries. I did find that the levels this time were harder than the norm.

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