Jade's Tips - Level 14-8

Jade's Tips - Level 14-8

Potions used: extra bubbles, ceiling stars and rainbow bubbles.

On this level I recommend you take a look at the pictures to see what the full view looks like, to understand where the locks, bombs and infection are. 

Start by shooting the bottom, about a quarter of the way along from the left side, to stop the infection- then clear as many bubbles as you can before unlocking the lock. Once you have unlocked the lock, shoot about a quarter of the way along from the right side to stop the infection and then clear as many bubbles as you can- avoiding the bombs until you can unlock the lock. 

Depending on how far the infection spread before you were able to stop it, you may not yet be able to see the top- and you may need to keep some bubbles lower so you can shoot around the bottom of the infection to access the lock. If you can’t, bank shots to above the infection start point and above the bombs to drop them down. 

If you cleared the infection quickly you will be able to see the top and can work towards revealing the stars at the top to complete the level. Use the Green Spider guide to gather some green spiders before you make the final drop.

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