Jade's Tips - Level 14-5

Jade's Tips Level 14-5

Potions used: extra bubbles, ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles

Using the Charm of Magic to utilise all 4 potions to include the yellow spider potion will help with your score on this one. As you will need to shoot quickly to stop infections and drop bombs before they go off it is a little harder to gather green spiders in this level.

Recommended Charms:  Disarm bombs

In this level there are skull bubbles on the left and right at the bottom, 3 bombs up the middle, and infections which come down on the left and right. Start by shooting on the left and right sides (left side first then the right) with the intention of shooting above the skulls to drop the infection, while avoiding shooting near the bombs in the middle. Once you have stopped the infection on each side, and hopefully dropped the skulls, then focus on trying to shoot in the middle area to remove the bombs. Once you have stopped the bombs, shoot towards the left and right sides above the infection to drop them down. You will then be able to see the top. Shoot the bubbles that have the spiders on them first, they will take away some of your spiders but removing them first will then mean you can gather some spiders again so you have some in place for the final drop.

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