Jade's Tips - Level 14-10

Jade's Tips - Level 14-10

Potions used: extra bubbles, ceiling holes and rainbow bubbles

In this level you will encounter bombs, skulls, mystery bubbles and shadow bubbles. 

To begin, start by shooting to your right side. Shoot the shadow bubbles as quick as you can to prevent them spreading to other bubbles. The longer you leave them, the more bubbles they will take out of your cauldron when you do shoot them, so it’s best to shoot them quick. 

Be careful not to shoot too high as there are skulls just above the shadow bubbles. Once you have cleared some of the right side, bank shots off the wall to shoot between the 2 rows of skulls- towards the left side. Shooting all the way along from the right to left should drop your bottom row of skull bubbles down. 

Once you have dropped that side down, bank shots off the left side shooting back towards the right side above the 2nd row of skulls to drop them as well. Be careful, there is a bomb just above them. Once you have dropped those ones down you can unlock the lock. 

When you unlock it new shadow bubbles will come. Try again to clear them as quick as you can to stop them infecting other bubbles, and to decrease the chance that you will run out of bubbles before the end. Avoid the bombs at the top as much as you can to reveal the stars and complete the level.

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